FBI Atlanta Division - 8 FBICA Classes
Director Mueller & Dan
FBI Child ID App Poster
2012 FBI Citizens Academy Class
Director Mueller & Soumaya
2012 National Leadership Conference
2013 Public Safety Fall Festival
2013 FBI Youth Leadership Academy
2013 Atlanta Division Steak Out
2013 Annual Meeting
2014 FBICA Class Range Day
2014 FBI Family Day
2014 Public Safety Fall Festival
2014 Alumni Social
2014 National Night Out
Alex, Kevin, Adm. Rogers, Jeff
2014 Cyber Safety Presentation
2014 Hartsfield Jackson Alumni Tour
2014 Alumni Washington DC Trip
2014 National Leadership Conference
2015 Meet and Greet
2015 GEMA Alumni Tour
2015 FBI Family Day
2015 Multicultural Festival
2015 Alumni Social
2015 FBI Youth Leadership Academy
2015 National Night Out
2015 Savannah Class
2015 National Leadership Conference
Kevin, Wes, Ryan, Alex
Alex, Director Comey, Kevin
2015 NLC MultiComp
2015 Steak Out
2015 Public Safety Fall Festival
2015 Rock Springs UMC Community Day
2015 FBI SOS Trophy Presentation
2015 Alumni Range Day
2015 Spirit of Giving Challenge
2015 Annual Meeting
2016 Class Sessions
2016 Building Bridges Event
2016 Habitat for Humanity Day3
Director Comey & Dominic
2016 Alumni Prison Tour
2016 Alumni DC/ Quantico Trip
2016 Multicultural Festival
2016 Habitat for Humanity Build
2016 Iron Sky Alumni Tour
2016 Marta Police HQ Tour
2016 FBI Family Day
2016 GISAC Alumni Tour
2016 GGIA Conference
2016 GBI HQ Alumni Tour
2016 National Night Out
2016 Youth Leadership Academy
2016 Convoy of Care
2016 Federal Reserve Bank Tour
2016 Chasing the Dragon Presentation
2016 NLC Birmingham
2016 NLC Group Photo
Atlanta Chapter of Excellence Award
Atlanta Chapter of Excellence Award
Melissa, Scott, Kevin, Ryan, Alex
SAC Piro and Scott
Atlanta - 2016 FBINCAAA NLC
2016 ATL Airport 3 Day Tour
2016 Fall Alumni Social
2016 Public Safety Fall Festival
2016 GA DOT HQ Tour
2016 Annual Meeting
Scholarship Presentation Event
2017 Gwinnett Co. MCF
Farooq at State Capitol
Farooq & Governor Deal
Alumni tour House Floor
Alumni with Rep. Scott
Alumni with Governor Deal
Sec. of State Proclamation
Capitol Visit
2017 NLC Sacramento
2017 NLC Group Photo
2017 Chapter of Excellence
2017 NLC Event
Dale, Cindy, Alex
Cindy, Alex, Max, Kevin
Daniel, Kevin, Dale, Cindy
Alex's Auction Win
2017 Public Safety Fall Festival
Director Wray w/ alumni
2017 Annual Meeting
Book Scholarship Recipient
CDC Tour
Opioid Town Hall
Opioid Town Hall II
Opioid Town Hall Panel w/ Alumni
GA Attorney General w/ Board Members
2018 NLC II
2018 NLC III
2018 NLC IV
2018 NLC Group Photo
Farooq at State Capitol